Posted November 11, 2018 04:14:07 An Australian bank is introducing a range of new home-grown scents for its customers, with the introduction of the first three new scents from the company.

The scents are from a range created by the company’s “home-grown” scents team, which include teas, spices and herbs.

They are made from teas and spices collected from its branches and stores.

The company is looking to improve its ability to identify and target its customers.

“It’s important for our clients to be able to identify the products they need and we’re excited to be opening up our product range to the public,” a spokesperson said.

The new scented scents were developed at the company by the home-inspired scents program team.

Home-grown, which refers to a specific brand of scented product, can refer to the ingredients in the product, such as tea, mint, spices or herbs.

Home grown scents The first three scents include: Rose-bud – Fresh mint, vanilla and floral.

Rose-mint, vanilla, floral.

Vanilla – Fresh vanilla, mint and floral scent.

Rose and amber – Fresh rose and amber scent.

Honey-mint – Fresh honey and vanilla scent.

The full range of scents will be available for purchase through the company on November 23, 2018.

The Home-Grown Scents team said the scents came about through an internal search for a home-created scented brand.

“Home-grown is a term that’s been used to describe the smell of fresh, healthy, natural ingredients.

It’s a brand that doesn’t have a single brand, which is an advantage for the company,” the spokesperson said, adding the scented line had been created from the team’s own personal preferences and the company had always been looking for new, different ways to market its home-based products.

“The team has always found a way to do it, and the range is a culmination of that,” the spokeswoman said.

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