By: Emily Wang and John Hanning, Next BigFutureNext BigFuture has its second Chinese artist, designer Zhiqiang Wang, who’s been working in the cosmetics industry since he was 17.

In fact, Wang is known for designing makeup for many of the companies he works with.

“He was the first one to take off the makeup of a model, and it became a fashion industry trend,” Wang said.

Wang said his interest in fashion started when he was in middle school. “

I feel that I can really become an artist of the future.”

Wang said his interest in fashion started when he was in middle school.

“It was very different in the old days, because the people had more time,” Wang recalled.

“They didn’t wear makeup.

There was a time when you could wear a mask or you could not, but now there is nothing.

People wear makeup now.

I was very lucky to be able to be a part of that.”

Wang was introduced to the cosmetics business in 2008 when he worked as a makeup artist for a fashion brand called Watsons Beauty.

After graduating from school, Wang was recruited by a cosmetics company and trained in the industry.

“As soon as I started working with them, I thought it was really interesting and I was really impressed,” Wang added.

“The first thing I saw in the makeup was a small piece of cotton that was used for cleaning.

Wang went on to work at an international cosmetics company called Tash. “

Then I started seeing more products that used cotton, and my curiosity started to grow.”

Wang went on to work at an international cosmetics company called Tash.

Wang said Tash also has a strong passion for makeup and wanted to work in that industry.

Wang was given a salary of $500 per month for two months and was given access to Tash’s facilities, which included the salon and the makeup studio.

Wang felt like he had an obligation to continue working in that area.

“After a few months, I decided to come back to China and take a look at the cosmetics market,” Wang continued.

“At that time, the market was very small.

I knew a lot of the brands I wanted to see, but there was no way I was going to go in there and work.”

Wang had never worked with any makeup artists before and decided to apply for a job at a cosmetics brand called C.E.C. “When I applied for the job, I said I want to make sure I understand the makeup,” Wang recounted.

“A lot of times I don’t even understand a lot the products, and they are very confusing to me.

I didn’t know if I would be able and wanted the experience to help me in my career.”

Wang’s experience working in China gave him an idea for his first design.

Wang wanted to create a fragrance.

Wang decided to make his first fragrance with a Chinese brand called Zhi Qiang.

“This is how my design came about,” Wang noted.

Wang, like most designers in China, is passionate about making products that reflect his country’s culture.

“Every product is made with love and passion.

I want it to be unique,” Wang stated.

“In China, the culture is so beautiful and beautiful is a really important concept, and that’s why it is very important to create something unique,” he added.

Wang has also worked with other Chinese designers.

He has worked with ZhiZi and Xiu Xiu, the two female designers from China.

Wang also worked for three months at the Beijing Fashion Fair in 2007, where he met a young designer named Xianqiao.

Wang saw XianQiao as a model for the future of cosmetics, and he became friends with her.

Wang and Xian Qiang began collaborating together on a design for a fragrance and makeup brand called Peking Beauty.

Wang described Peking as a brand that is very diverse.

“Peking Beauty is one of the most beautiful brands in the world, and the fragrance is very beautiful,” Wang explained.

“We wanted to show that Peking is one among the great brands in history, so we created a fragrance that was very unique and very different from other brands in China.”

Wang also met ZhiBao, the designer who designed the Peking fragrance.

“ZhiBoom, I’ve never met him before, but we started communicating and I wanted him to create this fragrance,” Wang remarked.

“One of the things that is important to me is the diversity in the products.

And we didn’t think that we would have any product with such a wide range of ingredients,” Wang revealed.

“But we were able to create it because we were both very passionate about the products and we wanted to

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