China has been testing a new scent to attract Western consumers, and a new product has been named after a popular holiday scent.

A perfume called Black Tea Scented Tea Candels will be sold on the Chinese market by the country’s biggest tea manufacturer, Jinan Tea Co., said its chief executive Zhang Biao.

It is a perfume inspired by the famous Chinese holiday of Black Spring, which was celebrated on May 13 this year.

Zhang Biao, Jina Tea Co. chief executive, said in a statement on Tuesday that the scent of Black Tea is a Chinese-inspired fragrance.

Black Tea and Black Spring are two terms used to describe the spring, a time of summer and autumn, said Zhang.

The fragrance was named after the famous holiday scent, he said.

Chinese consumers will be able to buy Black Tea in the US, Japan and other countries, reported on Wednesday.

The perfume was first introduced in the Chinese city of Wuhan in May.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has been calling for the country to adopt a more liberal style of business in recent years, particularly with regards to the labor market.

In an address on May 11, Xi said China’s labor market was in a better shape than it had been in the 1990s and urged Chinese businesses to invest in the economy.

In the past year, the Chinese economy has been struggling, with growth slowing to around 7 percent last year.

Inflation in China has also risen sharply.

China’s leaders are seeking to curb that rise in the coming months by allowing more people to enter the labor force.

The United States has been criticized for the harsh treatment of Chinese workers and the fact that some Chinese companies have moved factories to the US.

China is also the world’s largest producer of tea, and it has long been seen as a potential destination for the tea grown by tea farmers in China.

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