In a city where green tea is an everyday staple, tea smell is still the stuff of legend.

And for the tea industry, there are plenty of tea smells to choose from.

But if you’re going to buy tea, it’s probably best to start with something that smells like green tea, says tea shop owner and tea expert, Susan B. Johnson.

That includes a whiff of tea leaves.

And there’s nothing like smelling like a fresh cup of tea.

“Green tea smells great.

Green tea leaves have that freshness to them, that lightness,” Johnson says.

“That’s what you’re looking for.

And that’s why I like to find things like green, green tea and green tea.

It’s a little more natural.”

Here’s what some of the best green tea smells have to offer: tea, green, tea, tea source The Associated Press title Green teas are ‘not that much different’ from white, says professor of chemistry at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Michael Pappas article GREEN TERRITORY.

Green terrors have long been associated with green tea (a green tea) but it’s not as simple as it might seem.

Green Tea is a plant native to China.

Its leaves are used in Chinese medicine and in traditional Chinese herbal teas.

Green teapots are often filled with water and have a green color.

But the tea has to be freshly squeezed from a teapot to get that green taste.

In tea, there’s also the fragrance of the tea leaves, which can come from the leaves or tea.

There are also the sweet tea aromas and a slight hint of vanilla.

Green leaf tea is sometimes referred to as green tea with a touch of vanilla, which is what most people think of green tea when they think of tea, said tea historian and tea lover Susan B, a professor at the Illinois-Urbana College of Art.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use a tea shop, she says.

It won’t smell as green.

And it won’t be as fresh.

And if you don’t like green teas, it might not taste that good either, says Green Leaf Tea co-owner Karen Dickey.

“Green tea is a little sweeter than white tea.

So it can have a sweetness that is a lot more pronounced in a tea,” she says, adding that you might also be less likely to be sick if you use green tea in a hot cup of coffee.

In fact, she advises people to buy the tea from a tea store, which will probably be a little less expensive than a tea house, which may be more expensive than tea shops.

Green leaves also have a bitter taste.

But that might not be an issue if you buy green tea from green tea shops, since green tea has a mild flavor.

“The difference between green tea that smells good and green teacups that smell like green is a very small amount,” says tea historian Susan B., who recommends buying the tea directly from a shop.

“But you might want to buy a tea bag and a little extra green tea for a special occasion.”

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