Apricots tea-sulturing tea, cologne and perfume are now available for sale on Amazon, but one of the most popular fragrances has been reserved for the tea itself.

The scenting-tea tea scent célèbre of the Apricotted Tea Company (ATCC) is named after the tea that is grown in the Apicot mountains in India, where the fragrance was originally created.

It is the third most popular perfume of the year, after the Rose-Rose and White Tea scents, according to Amazon.com.

But Amazon says that there are more than 500 other fragrance scents available for purchase.

There are also perfumes and scents that are designed to enhance the aroma of the tea.

For example, some scents are based on the tea tree’s aromatic compounds.

One of the scents in the ATCC collection is a blend of cedarwood, vanilla and white oak that smells like a tea-soaked oak.

Some fragrings are designed with the idea of adding sweetness, and some are designed for a certain body. 

“Our aim is to bring the aroma and taste of tea into the perfume experience,” said Katya, an ATCC product manager.

The fragrance cologne is available for $18 a bottle on Amazon. “

The tea cologne will be available in our fragrancing range starting in April.”

The fragrance cologne is available for $18 a bottle on Amazon.

If you’re interested in buying the fragrance or a similar fragrance, Amazon is also offering free shipping on all orders over $75.

Amazon’s website is a good place to get more information about Amazon’s latest releases. 

“Amazon is a marketplace where anyone can be part of the community, share ideas, and get inspiration,” said Amazon marketing manager Amy Schoep.