A scent of baby-sized tea is a hit with mothers and their children in China, where tea bakers are trained to make tea that is soft and creamy.

But not everyone loves the aroma.

Many mothers and children in rural China report the smell as a nuisance.

And tea lovers in Japan are also complaining of the smell.

Some experts say the scent is not that strong and is merely a way of masking the tea’s taste.

They say the tea can be sweet and salty but not overpowering.

But the scent attracts attention and attracts attention to the tea, which can attract a lot of attention, according to Dr Atsuo Okamoto, a professor at Kyoto University.

“So the problem is really, is it too strong?

Is it not that they are actually trying to mask the taste?” he said.”

Or is it that they think that it’s more pleasant to smell like a baby?”

It’s hard to say.

If it’s a fragrance that you can smell in a restaurant or something, you might think, ‘That’s a nice fragrance’, but if you have a child or someone who has a baby, then you would think, that’s just too much for a baby to smell.

“In the end, you’ll find that the aroma is more of a curiosity.

You can’t just put it down and go back to the basics.”

The smell of baby tea has been around for centuries.

It comes from a tea plant that grows in Yunnan, China.

But in recent years, there has been a boom in tea making and the scent has become more popular, according a report published in the journal Science.

The researchers analysed tea samples from China, Japan and South Korea.

They found that, while the tea smelled of milk and milk products, it had more of an almond aroma than that of milk.

This almond aroma was found in some tea blends from China and in the Yunnan region.

The almond aroma can be perceived by humans.

However, it can also be detected by some laboratory animals, according Dr Okamoto.

“We found that mice have the ability to detect almond aroma from a variety of foods, including honey, milk and eggs, and they can distinguish between almond and honey by scent,” he said, adding that the researchers think it may be a result of a change in the taste of the almond oil in these foods.

In addition, some tea samples were also analyzed for the almond aroma.

It is unclear if the almond smell is related to the almond or milk in the tea.

“It depends on the blend of the tea,” Dr Okawa said.

It can also vary from person to person.

In South Korea, the almond scent was detected in the noses of women who were pregnant and breastfeeding.

In Japan, some mothers have reported that their children’s mothers have become annoyed when they smell the almond-almond smell.

They also said they have tried to mask it with the smell of flowers.

However many people say they still smell the smell, especially if it is too strong.

Dr Okamoto said that a lot is unknown about the almond fragrance.

He said that it is hard to know if the smell is a reaction to the almonds or if it has some kind of health significance.

“I think it is really a mystery, and I don’t know how it comes about,” he told ABC Radio.

“If you put a baby in front of it, and he smells like almond, he won’t eat that.

So I don of course think it has something to do with the almond.”

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