Posted October 05, 2018 07:18:46 Shiso tea is one of the most popular Japanese teas, so it’s no surprise that its been popular for centuries.

But how to make your own shiso and make it smell good?

The key to a good shiso is the smell of the tea itself.

The smell of a shiso, however, is more complicated.

You can make a shio tea by simply boiling the tea in water.

Shio is the Japanese word for “tea,” and it means “to drink.”

It’s usually made from the leaves of a plant called shikimochi, which is commonly called “black tea.”

The leaves of shikinochi are usually boiled until they become a liquid that you can drink.

You then add this tea to water, which creates a very light scent.

It’s the tea that you will find in most Shizuoka tea shops.

The aroma of the shiso you buy from a shop will differ from the smell you get from the tea.

So, it’s important to experiment to find out which one you like.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy shiso.

If you’re making a lemon scents tea, you can also add lavender or orange.

Shiso is also great for making lemon-lime or lemon-grapefruit scents.

For more lemon scotch scents, try making lemon scooches.