A group of Thai people are developing a tea scent that is made from the leaves of the scent leaf plant.

The tea scent is said to be a powerful, healing, aphrodisiac and aphrodefective agent, and is a favourite with the elderly.

It is also said to improve circulation, reduce the risk of heart attacks and improve blood flow in the body.

The tea scent is made by a company called Thai Tea Scents.

The company, which was founded in 2013, is selling the tea scent for the first time on its website.

It sells it in a range of scents, including perfume, tea, scented shampoo and soaps.

The scent can be purchased in a small plastic bottle, or a bag, which is also available.

The scent is said by the company to help the elderly who suffer from low circulation and other health problems, but the tea screener says it is only intended to be used by the elderly and young.

“The tea smell is meant to be taken in its purest form.

We want people to know that there is more than just a scent, and that the tea is actually a medicinal and beneficial herbal tea,” the screeder told CNN.

The product is made using scented herbs, and it is said that the leaves are picked from the fragrance plant, known as the scent tree.

The leaves are then boiled, dried and mixed with water to make the scented essence.

“Our tea smell and scents are all made by hand,” the tea maker, named Anak, told CNN, explaining that the scents have a delicate, herbal smell, and the scent can be used for cleansing, as well as treating and treating arthritis, eczema and other ailments.

Ascents sold online, such as the soap scents and perfume scents marketed by the Thai Tea Company, contain different ingredients and have been developed with different brands.

The company sells only a single scent that they call “Tea”, which is a combination of the fragrance and the water-soluble resin, which has been found to be more effective.

“We believe that the scent should be a gentle, yet powerful one,” Anak said.

The scented scents can be found on the Thai company’s website, as is the scent for their scented soap, which costs about US$10.

Anak says the scent is supposed to have a cleansing effect, and will help reduce symptoms of arthritis and other conditions, as the smell can also reduce anxiety.

The website also features a page that explains how to make your own tea scess, including directions for how to take the scent out of the container and what to do when it dries.

The seller says the scess can be diluted to taste and used as a scented bath, as it is made with a lot of ingredients and leaves.

Anak said the tea smell has also been used to treat certain health problems in the past, including the burning of the skin when one uses it, and also that it has been used for treating certain diseases, such the flu.

“There are so many health problems that people are dying due to certain illnesses that we are suffering from, and some people are going to die from them,” he said.

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