In the past, I have been able to make my own tea fragranceing flowers with my own recipe, but now I am going to try something a bit more complicated. 

In this post, I will share how I made my own “scenting” flower with my favorite tea tea aromaing blossoms. 

I chose to use tea from the popular tea brand Tea Rose scented Tea Davao to make this flower because they are very popular in Japan. 

Their flower scenting tea was one of the best smelling tea I’ve ever used and they have a very good reputation in Japan as a tea brand. 

Tea rose is made with a mixture of white, black, and red tea and the leaves are carefully selected to produce a very distinctive tea fragrance. 

The tea leaves are washed and dried and then ground with a pestle to produce tea that has the same sweet, fresh smell as a freshly brewed tea. 

After drying and crushing, tea leaves become tea leaves that have been pressed and packed into small packages, and the tea leaves have been ground into a fine powder. 

These powdery tea leaves then are wrapped in plastic bags, sealed, and sealed in a metal lid and stored for several weeks. 

When the powdery leaves are ready to use, I pour a large pot of water on top of the tea.

I use a large bowl and stir until the water is all around the tea and leaves. 

This creates a strong, aromatic fragrance that can be smelled in the room when you are smoking a tea.

When the water evaporates, the powder is dissolved in the tea to create a strong fragrance.

After several weeks, the tea is ready to be used. 

Here is the recipe: TeaRose scented Tea Rose  Scenting Flower Ingredients: 3 large tea leaves, 1 inch long, or 4 cups tea 1 cup of fresh tea leaves 3 teaspoons of tea powder 4 cups of water (or more to taste) Directions: Use a pot with the lid of a large cooking pot to make the tea powder.

Fill the pot with enough water to cover the tea to allow the tea water to absorb the tea into the tea leaf. 

Using a tea spoon or a glass measuring cup, stir the tea in until the water has dissolved the tea, then remove the tea from the water. 

Once the tea has absorbed the water, add the tea extract to the pot of tea leaves.

Stir and add the remaining tea powder until the powder has dissolved. 

Fill the tea bowl to the top and pour the water into the bowl. 

Place the tea pot on a flat surface and add a lid. 

Allow the water to boil until the tea becomes very hot, then add a ladle of boiling water and allow the water water to drip into the teas tea.

If the water starts to run, add more boiling water.

The tea will cool completely and you can remove the lid.

  Once you remove the pot from the burner, place the tea on a cutting board and gently cut the tea tea leaves into tiny pieces. 

Strain the tea out of the pot into a large container. 

Pack the pieces of tea in small pieces. 

 Strain the tea water through a sieve to remove the water. 

 Using a fine mesh sieve, squeeze out any excess water from the tea pieces.

Place the tea bag into a ziplock bag and seal tightly. 

 Place a small amount of the boiling water on the tea bags tea.

Let the tea brew for 5 minutes and then pour the tea back into the pot. 

Use the lid on the pot to seal the bag tightly.

 Cover the tea with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for several days. 


This post was sponsored by Tea RCA Tea.

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