In the wake of a Tea party rally in Tucson, Arizona, organizers in a scented candle shop in the city decided to make their own tea candles.

According to ABC News, one candle was left in the park in the name of “Tea Party Tucson” while the other candle was used for the event’s reception.

In a tweet, the shop posted photos of the two candles and the “Tea party Tucson” tag on their Twitter account, along with the hashtag #TeaPartyTucson.

A video shared by the shop showed them placing the candle into a cooler and placing a tarp around it to keep the smell of the candle from reaching the crowd.

The shop also posted a video showing the two turds in the cooler.

After the event, the owner of the shop said that they received calls from other members of the Tea party Tucson community and from members of Trump’s campaign.

“The most shocking thing is, there was a phone call from the Donald Trump campaign.

They said, ‘Are you gonna make some of these tea candles?’

And they said, no, because it’s not politically correct,” the owner told ABC News.

“They were shocked and offended, and they thought, ‘Oh, I guess he’s offended us.’

They didn’t realize the tea is the real thing, and we are the real Tea Party Tucson.”

The shop told ABC that it did not intend to cause a scene.

“We were just doing what anyone would do in a Teaparty rally,” the shop owner said.

“I didn’t think anything of it, but I was so shocked, because we have tea, we have the real tea, so we had to make some tea candles, but we didn’t want to put anything on the table, so I decided to just let the candles sit on the ground, and it just sort of fell out.

It wasn’t anything to be concerned about.”

In the days following the rally, a local TV station aired a segment of a Trump rally in which the candidate’s supporters attempted to use a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Tea is the Future,” as a candle holder to light up the event.

After receiving backlash for the video, the Tucson Tea Party tweeted the footage of the candles being made and posted a photo of the turd to their Twitter feed.

In the video shown in the video above, the tater is seen sitting in a cooler filled with scented candles and a t-shirt that reads “Tea for Trump.”

“Tucana Tea Party” was not the first to use the hashtag, but the shop’s post was one of the first of many.

“People who are going to go to a Trump event, they are going in a spirit of patriotism,” the business owner told BuzzFeed News.

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