I’m not a tea lover.

I like coffee, and am addicted to tea.

But my obsession has led me to think about how tea might help me live longer.

If I have a chronic condition like cancer, I might want to start drinking tea to help ward off the side effects of chemo, and it could be good for my heart health too.

But if I just want a light sweet tea, it might be more helpful to get a few drops of the Apricot Tea scent, a scent associated with tropical and subtropical plants.

I found the scent when I was shopping at the market, and thought it was lovely, so I decided to try it.

I had no idea how strong it was.

And I was wrong.

It was strong enough to make me gasp and gasp, and when I sniffed it, I couldn’t get a whiff of anything else.

But it didn’t have any of the bitterness that I usually find in tea, so the tea had a lot of power for me.

I tried it once and I got the same results as before.

If you’re a tea-loving person, you’ll love Apricots.

I’m going to start using this tea in my kitchen, in the morning, before I go to bed.

It is a beautiful tea, and if you want to get the most out of it, this is a great tea for a daily treat.

But be careful: you can’t overdose on this tea.

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