Dogs have evolved to thrive on their owners’ care.

This is especially true in India where a large number of people still do not have adequate veterinary care.

But how to handle wounds and get rid of a stubborn flea can make all the difference to your dog’s health.

Here are the basics of caring for fleas and how to keep your pet healthy and happy.


Clean up the dog’s wound with a good scrubber, so that the fleas are not trapped and leave their mark.

The dog should be given a clean, soft cloth, and a disinfectant spray.


Keep a water bottle in the house for flea shampoo and a hot water bottle with soap for washing hands and the dog.


Give your dog a good scratch.

If he has been scratched or bruised, give him a little gentle massage with a soft cloth.


Use a clean water bottle, a dry wipe and a dry cloth for cleaning the wound.


Clean the dog with a damp cloth to prevent infection.


Wash the dog in hot water with a cloth soaked in water, then wipe off with a dry towel.


Clean your dog with soap, water and a wet cloth, then give it a good rub.


If your dog has a flea infestation, use a mild disinfectant to help prevent the flea from developing a host and infecting your pet.


Do not give your dog baths or baths at night because the fleae can hide in the toilet bowl.


Do NOT put fleas in your dog food, because they will spread the flease and make it worse.


When a dog is sick, give it some cold water or a soft dry cloth and let it go to bed.


If you have a pet that is ill, do not give it antibiotics or steroids because they can kill the fleases.


Give a small amount of warm water to your pet at night to make the flees feel better.


Never feed a pet with a fleas problem, because fleas will kill the host.


Never give a dog flea powder or other medicines that cause allergic reactions because the ingredients can kill your dog.

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