We all know that saving money can lead to a better and brighter tomorrow, yada yada.  But, in my generation, we like instant results!  I google something now, I expect it now, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW!  I think I’ve been hanging out with my 2 year old too much…!

Even if you start saving today though you can get instant results!  The result might not be a million dollars in the bank, but they’re the kind of results that are good for your soul!  So, without further ado, 10 reasons saving money is good for your soul!

Think saving money is only for your wallet? Wrong! There are so many other reasons why you need to be saving, other than the obvious!

No More Guilt
You want something so badly at the store, so you talk yourself into it, get out to the car and wonder “Do I really need this?”  But, you already bought it, and bringing it back to the store would be such a hassle!  True story!  This is how my husband ended up with a hot pink portable phone charger from Target’s $5 section (it only fit Androids and I have an Apple).  Instead of making that impromptu decision to buy something though, make an impromptu decision to throw that money in savings!  You won’t feel guilty for saving money, but you will feel guilty for buying that set of throw pillows, or hot pink phone charger, that you really don’t need!

Better Understanding of the Word Need
My parents have recently decided that when they retire they want to travel this beautiful country of ours in an RV.  And guess what got them to that point in their lives?  I’ll give you a hint – not stuff that takes up room in their house and drains their bank account.  It was hard work and dedication to put that money in the bank!  And to do that they had to understand what was a need and what was a want.  We didn’t have cable until I was 10 years old, and this was before Netflix!  The horror!!!  Instead, we sat around and played board games.  This kept their money in the bank and strengthened our family ties!  Based on current cable prices with AT&T over 10 years this saved them $6,000!  And that’s based on the cheapest cable package.
The older I get the more I understand the meaning of the word need.  I really, really, reallyyy want a new bed set.  But, I only have $3 in my house savings right now, and even though it would make my bed look awesome and more homey it’s not a need.  Instead, I’ll save until I can afford it and debate for a few months on what color to get!

Fewer Rash Decisions
The more you save the more you come to realize the less stuff you really need.  When your act of saving money becomes a habit it can cut down on the impromptu money spending decisions, thus actually keeping the money in the bank and your stress of that incoming credit card bill at bay!

More Productivity at Work
It’s near impossible not to bring your outside life with you to work, but studies have been done that when you bring your financial woes with you it can negatively impact your work.  This can turn into a vicious cycle if you let it.

10 Reasons Saving money is good for your soul

More Self Confidence
Look at you, Superstar!  You have money in the bank!  I bet you feel so proud that you were able to tackle that monster and put an extra $5 in savings this month (you gotta start somewhere!). This is your Mount Everest and you’re yelling from the top of the mountain that YOU DID IT – nothing can take that feeling away!!

Not Living Paycheck to Paycheck
OK, so this might not be something that you’ll notice right away, but after a few months this is totally something that’ll be within your reach!  That’s all it can take to break this vicious cycle, and trust me, you sanity is worth it!  Money means security!

Honest Relationships
There are so many studies that point to the fact that money ruins marriages and relationships.  Saving money together means that you’re planning a goal that you both agree upon and are looking forward to.  This can have the complete opposite effect of not communicating your money woes.  Remember, honesty is key, if there’s something you’re hiding, or think your partner is hiding, communication is key!  Talk about it now!  Don’t continue to distance yourself.  I communicate with my hubby all the time about my money goals and ask him what his are, maybe a little too much!  Hence, this blog 😂

Make the Jones’  Keep Up With You
Just because your neighbor has the newest Mercedes and the biggest house in the neighborhood doesn’t mean they can afford it!  Give yourself the satisfaction knowing that you are living within your means, you are moving at your own pace, and in a few years when the Jones’s mirage falls down around them you’ll be going strong with all your savings!

Peace of Mind 
Keep telling yourself that this is for a better tomorrow!  My husband and I still have a ways to go, but last year we were living in a little 2 bedroom/1.5 bath condo (with a baby and a dog and 2 cats) that literally had one window in the living room.  And although it was a great little place, we were busting at the seams.  So we worked hard, and with the help of family, were able to buy a pretty bangin’ house that has SIX windows looking into our backyard!  We’re blessed and very happy with where are, but it’s comforting to know that it will only go up from here with all the hard work we’ll continue to put into our financial goals!

Helping Future Generations
This might not apply to you, but saving money now can allow you to help your children when they need it,  My husband and I have beyond blessed that we have parents who are financially stable enough to help us, and we save now so that we can be that same solid foundation for our son when he needs it!

10 Reasons Saving money is good for your soul

As always, we’re in this together!  If you need some words of encouragement, shoulder to cry on, or just someone to talk to – you know where to find me!  Remember, you have to start somewhere!  $5 in the bank a month can add up to $60 in a year.  That’s small potatoes compared to what I know you can do, but it’s a great starting point!

What are your reasons for wanting to get out of debt?  How do you encourage yourself that you can do it?



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