LiquidLumen is a perfume oil that smells like lavender and is used in some luxury products.

article The company LiquidLumi has announced that it will release a fragrance oil in a capsule that smells similar to Lavender and smells like the company LuvLuminum.

LiquidLumin has been making an effort to be more inclusive and welcoming to women and transgendered people.

The company is also working on creating an app to facilitate conversations between users and staff. 

 LiquidLumin’s new fragrance oil is also the first to use a synthetic blend of oils.

The blend is made up of two oils, a fragrance and a lanolin.

The fragrance oil will be available in five different colors, ranging from lavender to turquoise to dark lavender, with two different sizes available. 

The fragrance oil, which is being developed by LiquidLuma, will be sold at a price of $4 a gram, or $2 a gram for a 100 gram bottle.

LiquidMum is working to create a “feminist community.” 

The company announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its presence in the US, with offices in Atlanta, Nashville, and Tampa, Florida.

The move comes as the company has received support from Black Lives Matter, a global movement that seeks to improve social justice in the United States. 

LiquidMum says it plans to add to its roster of employees by hiring more women and people of color in the coming months. 

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