Indian-born startup Teavana is partnering with Chinese scents company Jingdezhen to bring tea scent technology to Indian customers, a spokesperson from the startup said.

The startup said in a statement on Friday that it will offer tea scent for customers in the city, adding that it has already received a lot of interest.

Teavanna said it will introduce its tea scent technology in the coming months. 

The startup said it would also be providing the tea scent through a subscription service. 

Jingdezhen is a China-based manufacturer of scents. 

It offers tea scent products, which include tea, coffee and other tea extracts, in different categories including perfume, fragrance and hair-care.

The company also sells products that are marketed as ‘tea-based perfumes’. 

According to Jingdezen’s website, its products are intended to enhance the body and mind, enhance the physical and mental qualities of a person, improve the quality of the skin, hair and skin care products and so forth. 

Teavana has been testing the technology at its facility in Haryana. 

In October, the startup raised $2 million in a funding round led by Sequoia Capital.

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