By Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times published an article about tea lovers, where the author, James McQuillan, described his tea preferences as being “more of a tea drinker than a tea-tasting person.”

The author also talked about his desire to be a “good friend” to his tea-loving friends.

But as McQuilan explains in his new book, The Tea Lover’s Handbook, he is “not just a tea guy.”

Instead, McQuillian is an “advanced tea drinkor,” and is the owner of a private tea shop.

“I have a passion for tea,” McQuillin explains.

“The tea that I drink is my tea, and it is not for sale.”

His book has sold more than 50,000 copies, and McQuilled says he has been selling tea for over 50 years.

The tea lover’s book is a celebration of all things tea, from the world’s best-selling tea, to the “most popular tea in the world,” to the most expensive tea ever.

“It’s not just about being a tea person,” Mcquillan tells Business Insider.

“In my book, I talk about my passion, and my love for tea.

I write about the love and the love of tea and how much I love it.”

McQuilling, who has been described as the “world’s most famous tea lover,” started tea parties more than 30 years ago.

He is also a tea expert, author, and the founder of the Tea Institute, a tea shop and tea-growing company.

McQuills tea-infused “gift” to friends is the world-famous tea of the world.

Mc Quillan says that the most important thing people can do for their tea is to order from the shop.

The “best tea” is the one that you buy, he says.

“But if you want to know what you can do, I can’t tell you that it’s going to make your tea the best.”

Mc Quillin is not alone in his desire for tea lovers.

Other tea-obsessed individuals have also been selling their wares on the internet, including blogger Matt Kilduff, who created a website called the Tea Club.

Kilduffs “tea club” is an online forum for tea-sippers to share their recipes, learn about their tea tastes, and get recommendations on tea products.

The Tea Club has more than 400 members and a membership price of $25.

And the “teacup” or “teaspoon” is “a piece of ceramic, metal, or plastic, usually about 10 inches by 15 inches and usually sold in a tea club store,” Kilduf says.

In the past few years, there has been an explosion in the popularity of tea-selling websites like and eBay.

“A lot of people are actually buying tea from the tea clubs and selling it on their own,” Kaiduf says of the tea-buying phenomenon.

“They are trying to make a profit by getting their tea out to the public.”

In the same way, tea clubs are selling tea at a profit.

Mc Qillans Tea Club is one of the largest tea clubs in the country, with more than 200 members and over 5,000 customers.

Kaiduff has also been promoting tea clubs for years, even starting a Tea Club for Children (TCOC) in 2013.

The TCOC is a non-profit organization that helps children around the world learn to make tea and teach them how to make their own tea.

“Our mission is to empower children with a passion and a love for their favorite beverage,” Kiefruff says.

Mc quillans club has also started a tea museum, which features a tea collection from around the country.

And Mc Quills own tea shop, The Teacup Tea Shop, sells tea from around New York City.

He also has a website where members can buy tea online.

“Tea is a great social activity,” Mc Quilling says.

But tea lovers are not just tea drinkers.

McQillans tea club also has the “Tea Club for People Who Have to Leave” on Facebook.

The club, which Mc QuILLAN created in 2009, is designed for those who have to leave their jobs, or have family members or friends who have left.

The goal of the Facebook group is to help people find a tea party that will meet their needs, whether it is a tea ceremony, or a coffee party.

The teacup tea shop sells tea at the same price as a regular tea shop — $7.99 a cup.

The Teabag Tea Club, a new tea club, has more tea, but also sells tea online at a cost of $4.99 per cup.

“We are here to serve tea to people who need it and are willing to spend the money to do it

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