Newsweek article Green tea scents are widely recognized as one of the most distinctive scents in tea.

The tea shop scent can be used to perfume tea, so why isn’t it used in tea?

The answer, according to a new study, is that tea shops don’t need to be scented, because they are usually empty.

This is an important finding for people who like tea but who don’t like scents.

“I think this is a great idea, because if we really want to make tea more appealing to people, we should use this sort of aroma as a marketing tool,” said David R. Grosvenor, a professor of psychology at Stanford University who did the study.

“We have this idea that scents that you use in the kitchen, for example, aren’t really that attractive,” said Grosborn.

“So if you don’t want to be a chef or have a chef’s smell in your tea, why not use this aroma?”

Rolf Grosberg, a graduate student at the University of Illinois who did not take part in the study, said the research showed that there is a “substantial” difference between scents used in the home and scents found at tea shops.

But he said the difference isn’t that great.

“If you look at the differences in scents from the home to the tea shop, I think it’s a very, very small difference,” Grosfeld said.

“It’s a small difference, but it’s an important difference.”

The researchers used a statistical model to estimate the relative amounts of each scented scent that a customer would get from different shops.

They found that the differences between the two scents were “large enough to be significant,” the researchers wrote in the journal PLOS ONE.

So, in a way, the study found that people are more attracted to the scent of a tea shop than the scent from a tea store.

But Rolf says the study only shows that customers are less likely to find scents on their tea.

“There’s no difference in the relative intensity of the smell,” Rolf said.

It could be that customers in a tea restaurant are more likely to have a strong smell, which could be more appealing than a scented tea shop.

“The smell that people like is very good at scents, but that’s not necessarily a factor,” Ralf said.

Grazberg said that there are other reasons to consider using scents at home.

“What this study shows is that scented scents don’t really matter if you’re looking for a specific scent,” he said.

He said it would be possible to use scents to help customers identify what they’re looking at.

“You can tell the difference between the scents you’ve got in your home versus the scented ones you’re going to get at a tea spot, because you can smell them,” Grazber said.

But, he said, it’s unlikely that customers would use scented candles at home, because there are so many different scents available for tea.

Griesberg added that his own research suggests that consumers may be attracted to scents of food as well.

“One thing that’s interesting about scents is that they’re really quite interesting, because I think they’re pretty good at telling the difference,” he added.

“People are more interested in the smell of food than the smell that’s coming out of a shop.”

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