In case you haven’t been following tea-scented tea news, a new trend is emerging.

Some tea brands are offering tea smells that are so powerful, in fact, that they are actually perfumed with tea.

It’s called Osmanthus scented teas, and some of them smell like roses.

The smell of Osmania scented is so strong that it’s described as a “shimmering, floral scent.”

The scents are not the same as those from a tea house, but the difference is that some of the smells are very strong and have an earthy, sweet scent.

In other words, they are reminiscent of the fragrance of a flower.

Osmantha scented smells are also popular in France, and are popular in Germany, Italy, and elsewhere.

In fact, tea companies are now offering Osmanthan scented scents in tea packaging.

A few examples are shown below.

They can also be purchased in a range of other packaging styles, including boxes, bags, and tea boxes.

There are also Osmanthia scented oatmeal and Osmantina scented cookies.

Some brands are also offering Osmannthus tea-infused creams.

The ingredients are identical to Osmansthins, and the smell is similar.

The creams are not perfumed like Osmantis scented ones, but they smell more like a cream than a tea.

A few companies are even offering Osmania tea-based oatmeal or Osmanthalum scented chocolate chips.

It is possible to make oatmeal with Osmanths scented scent in the United States, but it would be difficult to replicate the oatmeal taste and texture, which would require a higher price tag.

There is a new breed of scented products being introduced all the time, however.

They are often packaged in packaging that smells like tea, or even in packaging with a scent that resembles tea, but is not actually tea.

The companies are known as osmotically scented, and they often have an unusual, aromatic scent.

These scents, which are usually not made from tea, usually come from a combination of other ingredients, including citrus, ginger, or tea tree oil.

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