“When you are eating tea leaves, the leaves have a smell,” said Shabana Shah, a professor at the University of Delhi who researches scent-making.

“When I started looking for tea tree scent ingredients, I found a lot of different things that are associated with tea tree leaves.

And I started to think, ‘What is that scent?’.”

This is when I discovered scented tea.

It’s a fragrance that has a smell that comes from the tea tree.

I used to think that it’s like the smell of a rose, but in fact it’s a scent from the tree.

“I think we can say that we have created a scent for the tea trees that is so much different from what the tea leaves normally smell like,” Shah said.

“So I thought, ‘Why does this smell like tea tree?’,” Shah continued.

“I thought, if we can make tea tree aroma, we can also make scented scents.”

The researchers used two different types of tea tree extract that could be used in scents.

The first is the traditional plant extract, which has a natural scent but is usually used in fragrances.

The second extract is synthetic, which is derived from tea tree bark, leaves, or flower buds.

“The natural scent from tea trees is very strong, and you can detect that scent on the skin,” said Shah.

“But, the synthetic scent has a much higher percentage of a chemical called anthranilic acid.”

Anthranilic Acid is a component in tea tree sap, which smells strong and sweet.

“If you think of it like perfume, it’s kind of a perfume-like smell,” Shah added.

“You can also smell the chemical on the breath.

But when you’re smelling the synthetic perfume, you smell like it comes from a tea tree.”

The scent of tea trees in a scented barThe researchers then applied these synthetic scent to samples of tea leaves to determine how much of the fragrance came from the plant and how much came from synthetic scent.

“When we smelled the synthetic fragrance, we could smell it on the inside of the nostrils, on the upper lip, on one of the cheeks,” Shah explained.

“And the amount of the synthetic smell that came from tea leaves was the same for all the samples.”

She found that the synthetic chemical scent was stronger than the chemical scent.”

The synthetic scent smelled more strongly than the natural one.”

She found that the synthetic chemical scent was stronger than the chemical scent.

The researchers tested the scents on both males and females.

The synthetic scent was more effective at attracting the female participants, but only when the women wore makeup.

The scientists also measured the scent on a person’s face and found that people who wore makeup, particularly black, tended to have higher concentrations of the scent than those who wore no makeup.

“For example, we found that a lot more people in the study were wearing makeup when wearing a black suit, than when wearing white,” Shah told NBC News.

“So that’s a big reason why women in the studies were wearing a lot less makeup.”

When asked if this could affect the scented smell of the tea, Shah said, “I think that there is a possibility.

But we don’t have a lot information about this.””

I don’t think that tea tree fragrance is the only fragrance that could come from tea leaf,” she said.

“Tea tree scent can also come from other plants, like the petals of trees and the leaves.”

But this fragrance can also be made with other materials, including cocoa and other oils, according to Shah.

“These oils are actually used in many products, including cosmetics,” she added.

“Tea tree oil can be used to create scents from the botanical components of tea,” Shah pointed out.

“It is the botanicals from tea that are actually responsible for the scent.

So, for example, tea tree oil has a lot in common with perfumes from other botanics.”

But I think that for scents to be created from the smell, they have to come from somewhere,” Shah conceded.”

In the past, there was a lot, a lot and a lot to do to make a scents that were very strong and complex,” she concluded.”

This research will hopefully lead to new fragrance ingredients that can be created that are very different from the traditional scents,” Shah suggested.”

And it will also allow us to make new scents in the future that are much more natural and more appealing.

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