If you buy tea bags from the supermarket and they smell like roses or tea leaves, you’ve probably used erasers.

You might think that erasers are bad for you, but they don’t actually kill germs and they can be used to remove dirt and dust from your teapot, and they also remove carbon monoxide from the air.

In fact, erasers have been used by the British Army for over 200 years to clean wounds, so why would they harm you?

The answer is simple: they can remove traces of bacteria from the environment.

There are different types of erasers, but the most popular are erasers of both carbon monoxides (CO), which cause respiratory disease, and hydrogen peroxide (H2O).

These two gases can be absorbed by the skin, so erasers work by preventing the formation of CO by the body, but it also allows hydrogen peroxides to be produced.

The more hydrogen peroxygen that is produced, the more dangerous it is for the environment, so when erasers can be safely used, they can reduce CO levels and therefore the risk of CO poisoning.

What’s more, eraser use can be part of a healthy diet.

Although the best eraser for removing CO and H2O are expensive, they are often used by people who want to be less wasteful.

What to do If you have tea bags that smell like flowers, roses or roses, try using a different type of eraser than that one that is labelled as “Rose-shaped”.

You may not find the smell pleasant, but you may find that you can do the job more effectively.

To use an eraser, first wipe your tea bag down with a clean cotton cloth.

Then, take a piece of paper, wipe your hand over the paper, and place it on your tea.

Then wipe your fingers over the area, and press down with your thumb and forefinger to clean the paper.

This should make a hole about the size of a small pin.

The paper should then be wiped down with another paper towel, and the hole should be pushed into the paper with the paper towel.

Continue to press down on the paper until it is covered with the eraser.

You can then wipe the paper down with more paper towels until it has been thoroughly wiped down.

To remove the erasers from your tea, just wipe them off with a cloth.

If you don’t have a good paper towel to use, you can wash your hands with a soft washcloth.

The next step is to rinse the tea thoroughly with water, then throw the tea out.

If there is any dirt on the sides of the tea bag, wash your fingers in soap and water and then wipe it down with clean cotton.

You’ll need to re-wash your tea again with fresh water.

The best way to wash your tea is to place it in a plastic bag and place in a cup of hot water.

Do not put the tea in a tea cup as this can damage the tea.

The water should not come into contact with the tea, as it will be contaminated with dirt and germs.

If the water comes into contact the tea with a few drops of soap, it will help to prevent germs from entering your tea and potentially poisoning you.

To get rid of germs in your tea while it’s still hot, place it under a tap or a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes.

If it becomes too hot, remove the tea from the water.

If germs start to enter the tea and you’re worried it’s going to kill you, just leave it in the pot and let it cool.

It is better to drink your tea in the hot sun, rather than in the cold.

If your tea becomes too thick, you’ll need a tea towel.

If a small amount of tea is left in the cup, place a clean tea towel over it to remove the excess.

To wash your teas, do the same steps as for tea bags, but put the water in the kettle and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

The tea will cool, and when it cools, wipe the water off the tea towel with a dry paper towel and rinse with fresh hot water to remove any remaining germs, so you can drink your next tea.

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