A new teas fragrance, a teas scent, and a tea scent have been introduced into the Tiger Bowl and the Chinese Lunar New Year. 

The products, called  Hui Jie Bao, were unveiled during a visit to the Chinese state-run media in Beijing. 

They are the first of a number of new teashops and scents being introduced this year, the Xinhua news agency said. 

Bao is a type of sweet tea that can be made from dried or roasted tea leaves, including green tea. 

In addition to the teas, the fragrances include a floral and musky fragrance, as well as a fragrant scented soap. 

“Hui jie bao is the best way to get a good cup of tea at the Tiger bowl,” Wang Jun, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports, told Xinhua. 

It is also the first time that the brand name has been incorporated into a fragrance.

“The new fragrance, called Hui Jia Ba, is more feminine than the original Hui jia bao, and it is a little bit more gentle,” Wang said.

“But the scent has been tweaked, and there are a few more details than before.”

The new scents will be sold in the Shanghai Shanghai Food Fair next month.

 “It is a good idea to buy these because they are really good,” Wang added.

“If you buy these, make sure you wear a mask and a face shield.”

There are a lot of scents that are really beautiful.

The most important thing is that you wear the mask and the face shield.

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