A new study shows that the scented teas you consume at home can actually be harmful to your health.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School analyzed data from a number of studies and compared them with data from health organizations.

According to the study, the scents that we use at home have far more potential to cause health problems than those we buy.

The study found that the average American drinks about three cups of tea a day, but the average person is drinking only about one-quarter of the recommended amount of tea.

The average American also drinks about five cups of milk per day.

The average American eats about five servings of meat per day, and the average family eats about four servings of dairy.

The tea is also often mixed with other ingredients, including milk, sugar, and corn syrup, according to the report.

While there’s not much that can be done about the harmful components, researchers said it’s important to avoid those that may be found in tea.

If you are considering purchasing a bottle of teas, the best bet would be to find out if there’s a “guaranteed safe” level for the ingredient, the study said.

The most common safe levels for scented milk were between 1 part per billion (ppb) and 2 ppb.

That level is much higher than the amount found in regular milk, and could potentially lead to an allergic reaction.

Scents in tea, which are usually found in teas and drinks, may contain harmful substances that can cause serious health problems, the researchers said.

“It’s important that you do not mix scented products with milk, milk products, or other dairy products,” the researchers wrote in their report.

The research was published in the journal Food Allergy.

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