Tea scents are a popular ingredient in a variety of products. 

Milk tea is a traditional ingredient in Chinese medicine and tea is often used in the traditional Chinese breakfast. 

Tea is a favorite ingredient in the Japanese breakfast food  and the tea scampi is a popular breakfast ingredient in Italy. 

These scents make up a popular tea category in Japan.

Milk teas have a slightly bitter flavor with a strong, savory kick.

Milk Tea is a tea made from milk, but it is not made from cow milk.

Milky tea has a mild, sweet flavor with notes of sweet chocolate, vanilla, and citrus.

Tea scents tend to have an exotic and/or fruity flavor, although some are more floral than others.

The Japanese スーパーム シーマイラスト  (Sūbā Shiori Shiorīsu) is a スページ ション  tasting tea.

This tea is made from 白象 (Yuki) tea leaves that are harvested by soaking in boiling water for several days.

If you are interested in making your own tea, you can read more about tea making in the Japanese Japanese English Dictionary.

Other tea scandinavian products: Sake, Pomegranate  sake, Hibiscus  pineapple, Kikkoman  baked bakery products, Eco-Bowl, Tuna  tofu, Spirits of the Seas, Tea  Snacks, Lemon  lime, Rosemary  rose, Grapefruit  fruit, Bamboo  tree, Chili, Ginger  grass, Apple  peppermint, Green tea, Kaffir lime, Peanut butter, Soybean  bean, Mango  mango, Watermelon, Citrus  musk, Berry  citrus, Orange  orange, Blueberry  blueberry, Chocolate  chocolate, Milky  milk, Lemon Water, Black  black, White  white, Red  red, Brown  brown, Purple  purple, Yellow  yellow, Pink  pink, Honey  Honey, Sweet  sweet, Dark  dark, Light  light, Medium  medium, Deep  deep, Violet  violet, Golden  gold, Fire  fire, Blonde  blonde, Tan  tan, Navy  navy, Silver  silver, Gold  greens, Rose  royal blue, Ylang Ylang  yang, Magenta  ylang, Charcoal  charcoal, Copper  copper, Dew  dew, Platinum  platinum, Diamond  diadems, Aqua  aqua, Earth  earth, Sky  sky, Moon  moon, Mercury  magenta, Ice  ice, Thunder  thunder, Solar  sun, Venus , Mars  martian, Sun  saturn, Stargazer  stargazer, Ocean  ocean, Summer  summer, Snow  storm, Storm  rain, Scorch  scorch, Wind  wind, Wine  wine, Beer  beer, Alcohol  alcohol, Hot  hot, Cold  cold, Salt  salts, Wood  wood, Fruit  fruit, Spice  spice, and Coffee  coffee.

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