If you’ve been sniffing the milk in your fridge, it’s probably not the milk you think it is.

But the scent is there, and it’s not just for dairy products, says Sarah MacLeod, a food scientist at the University of York.

“You have a cow’s milk smell, you have a sheep’s milk scent, you can smell the cheese and the butter smell of a cheese factory.” “

In terms of the smell of milk, there are a lot of milk smells that you can get,” she says.

“You have a cow’s milk smell, you have a sheep’s milk scent, you can smell the cheese and the butter smell of a cheese factory.”

The milk smell is a powerful scent.

“It’s a very powerful smell and you don’t have to go to the supermarket to smell it,” Ms MacLeod says.

The milk’s sweetness and sourness can be detected by sniffing milk and other dairy-based products.

“The smell is very complex and it has a very strong flavour,” says Ms Macleods.

It can also be found in the body of animals such as cows, sheep, goats and pigs, and in the skin of other animals, including birds, fish and insects.

In a paper published in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, researchers from the University Of New South Wales examined the chemical composition of the milk smell in different dairy products.

They compared the composition of various dairy products to the milk itself, looking for signs of how the milk smells.

In some cases, the researchers found that the milk had more in common with the urine or saliva of other species, suggesting that the smell was derived from a different organism.

The researchers also looked at how the chemical makeup of milk was related to the age of the cow or the milk’s age.

In older milk, it appeared to have been produced by the female dairy cow.

In younger milk, the milk was produced by either a male or female calf.

“A female cow’s urine and saliva has a much higher concentration of certain compounds than a male’s urine,” says Dr Macleod.

The study was published in Environmental Toxicologist.

What do we smell like?

There’s an important distinction between the milk of a cow and milk produced by other animals.

A cow’s natural milk is a sweet liquid that can be stored in the cow’s bladder.

The cow’s saliva is an oily substance that can reach the bottom of the bladder.

But, like milk, when it’s put in a cup or bottle, it becomes a strong odour.

The taste is what people smell most of all.

“We don’t really know what we smell, because we don’t know what the other animal’s smell is,” Ms Mckenzie says.

The smell of human milk is more complex than that of milk.

It includes the aroma of the stomach, which is made up of two parts: the gastric juice, and the digestive tract.

“So we’re talking about two separate things,” says Sarah Ruhr, a lecturer in the University’s Department of Molecular and Cell Biology.

The digestive tract contains the bacteria that make up the milk.

The mucus inside the stomach and intestines contains the other bacteria that produce the milk-like flavour.

The smell of the human digestive tract is also different from that of a milk cow’s, she says, because it’s made up mostly of bacteria.

The reason it’s so unique is because the smell comes from the gut bacteria.

“When a cow eats milk, she has a good gut bacteria profile,” says Professor Ruhro.

How to recognise milk?

There are a few ways to recognise the milk taste, says Dr Ruhra, who is also a member of the Australian Dairy Science Centre.

She suggests that people should look for “brown, creamy” or “creamy” milk.

“They will not taste like a normal cow milk because it has so much less fat than other types of milk,” she explains.

“If you see a milk that has a creaminess to it, that means that the cow has had a very hard day, because she’s had a lot to digest.”

The taste of milk is often described as “ladylike”, but it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what it smells like.

“The smell you get is not the smell you’re looking for,” Ms Ruhrum says.

There are other ways to tell if a milk product is dairy-free.

“Most of the dairy products we’re used to smell in the grocery store are dairy-grade milk products,” Dr Ruckel says.

These include cheese, milk, butter and cream.

“These are really good dairy-like flavours.

They’re more likely to be labelled dairy-finished,” she adds.

You can also look for dairy-milk blends.

“For example, you’re probably not going to smell dairy-laced milk,” Ms McLeod says, “so if you want a more traditional milk, you may want to look for a dairy-to-

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