The tea shop that is now a hit in New York City, one of the country’s most popular tea vendors, is now in danger of losing its license after a city official told a court it is selling tea that is not from its suppliers.

The tea shop, Tea Bar, sold tea from an unlicensed tea garden that sells tea from “an unlicensed” tea garden, according to the city of New York.

The tea, which was sold on June 25 at a tea bar on the Upper West Side, was sold with tea that did not come from the New York State licensed tea garden.

The city said it will seek to revoke the license if the tea shop can prove that the tea is “not tea from a licensed tea plant.”

The tea bar, which is in the heart of Brooklyn, is a popular destination for tea lovers who come from all over the country for the tea.

A court ordered the tea to be stopped from being sold at the tea bar last month, saying it violates the city’s “sensational” licensing requirements.

The license was originally issued in 2016 for a tea garden near the Brooklyn Bridge, but the city said the license was suspended last year because it was not working.

The judge said in his ruling that the license should be reinstated.

It was not immediately clear how much the city would have to pay to have the tea returned.

New York City is a major tea market, with tea being sold in grocery stores, coffee shops, coffee houses, and restaurants.

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