When it comes to scents, blue tea is usually referred to as “tea scented,” but it’s actually a lot more than that.

The blue tea that you might be smelling today is actually tea with a slightly different aroma, according to tea shop owner David, a retired chemistry teacher in Sydney.

“In tea scented tea, the blue tea with the tea leaves has a really different fragrance,” he told Business Insider.

“It’s a really distinctive fragrance, like perfume or perfume and alcohol.”

David, who is now teaching in the UK, is the owner of The Tea Room, which specializes in handmade tea candles, tea scents and scents inspired by Chinese culture.

He’s also the creator of tea candle scent tea candles and tea candle perfume.

“Blue tea is also very popular in China, which is why there are tea candles with blue tea in them,” he said.

Tea candle scents are often considered to be more masculine than the traditional china-based scents that are typically used in Asian culture.

The tea candle is often described as masculine because it contains less alcohol than the regular tea.

However, in fact, the scent of blue tea does not smell like alcohol, but rather, it is described as “green.”

“It is not the same scent that you would expect from a china tea candle, but it is very different to a chinese china candle,” David explained.

“If you were to smell it and it is the same, you would think it was a chinoise.

Tea candle scent is a very masculine scent that has been popular in Asia for centuries, David said. “

There is a difference in the aroma, but there’s a lot of subtle differences in the scent.”

Tea candle scent is a very masculine scent that has been popular in Asia for centuries, David said.

“The reason is that china is a lot cooler than other cultures and that’s what makes it feel more masculine.”

David’s tea candle fragrance is made using a special process called “stabilization,” in which the blue leaf is dissolved in water and placed into a container with a white or grey clay.

The clay absorbs the fragrance and makes the scent blue.

The process also reduces the smell of chemicals like alcohol and carbon dioxide.

However the smell is not as strong as other china scents because the clay does not absorb the alcohol, which creates a more subtle smell, according the tea shop.

“We also don’t have to worry about the tea being too strong,” David said of the scent.

“When it’s diluted, it’ll be very similar to the blue-green tea.”

A tea candle made from blue tea leaves Source: The Tea Rooms website

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