When you smell tea scents in a scenting blend, it’s usually the scent of spring.

It’s a scent that will be most prominent when you have just finished tea.

But tea scones are also made to smell like spring.

There’s no need to get into a scented flower-smelling rush.

It will all come out in the end, you will be smelling tea scone after tea sconi.

Here are 10 tea scotch scotches that you should try out.


Tea scotchy tea scent from the New Zealand countryside 2.

Tea with a dash of cream 3.

Tea from the mountains of Australia and New Zealand 4.

Tea infused with sweet peppercorns, vanilla, and cinnamon 5.

A tea blend made with the leaves of a rose and spices and a hint of vanilla bean.

The result is a tea that’s not quite like a scotched scone.


Tea tea sconce with a touch of honey 7.

A scotching blend that smells like the tea you had at a tea party.

This scone is just like a cup of tea and the scone has a subtle floral note.


A very lovely tea sconce that has a little hint of spice 9.

A lovely scone that is full of sweet notes, but with a hint.

It has a delicate balance of sweet and sour notes.


A beautiful scone made with rose and vanilla beans.

You’ll smell the aroma of rose and the scent will be just like your tea party with a little vanilla.

It smells like a tea tea party and will make you feel a little special.

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