By 2018, tea tree will be the hottest item on the market.

The fragrance of this tropical plant will be widely available, and the first batch will go on sale on August 21.

It will be marketed at tea shop chains across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, with a range of fragrances including:Cognac, cognac, black tea, lemon tea, white tea, black pepper, blackberry, orange, peppermint, peach, vanilla, sweet lemon, black raspberry, strawberry, mint tea and lemon tea.

It is expected that tea tree is likely to become the most popular perfume on the fragrance market, with the price of a bottle at around $1,200.

The fragrance will be available to all retailers and will be free for a limited time to those who buy the perfume online from the online shop of the National Tea Association of China (NTAA).

It is hoped that tea trees will become the new top sellers, especially in Asian markets such as Singapore, where the tea is growing rapidly.

There are currently more than 20,000 tea trees in China, which has a population of more than 30 million.

China is the world’s largest tea producer and exporter, and produces more than 80% of the world market for tea.