The United States has long been a key economic partner of China, but the United States and China are not equals.

A lot of that economic cooperation has been with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

The United Kingdom and France also have significant trade ties with China, which is what prompted the British to ask for a special trade deal with China last year.

The British government was not satisfied with the U to B status that the United Nations and the European Union have set for China, so they asked the European Commission for a more favorable status.

China has responded by asking the European Parliament for a deal with the European bloc, and the U is pushing hard to get the United Britain trade deal done.

China is the world’s second-largest economy.

But as China has grown and its leaders have increasingly pushed their economy, the Chinese government has tried to use its economic clout to push back against U. S. and European interests.

Last year, China’s Foreign Ministry said that the European countries’ attempts to “overthrow” the Chinese leadership were part of a “Chinese ploy to impose its interests and interests on others.”

China’s ambassador to the United Nation, Li Yuanchao, said that it was the “right of the Chinese people to maintain its independent position in the world.”

The Chinese government’s criticism of the European leaders came amid heightened tensions between the U and China.

China has also been the target of U. N. sanctions in response to a Chinese anti-corruption campaign.

China and the United Arab Emirates were among countries that imposed sanctions on each other over the campaign, and some countries, such as the United African Emirates, have even begun to cooperate on anti-money laundering.

China’s foreign minister has also said that China and other nations should “use their power to protect the rights and interests of people.”

The United States is not a signatory to the trade deal.

It has already pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an agreement that would have created a free trade zone in 12 Pacific Rim countries.

The U. s government is also blocking the free trade agreement with Canada, and President Trump has threatened to withdraw the United State from the deal if China does not change its ways.

The U. States is the largest trading partner for China.

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the U s trade with China is estimated to be $46.6 billion annually.

For the U S to pull out of TPP, the United S states would have to reduce its trade with all countries that are not part of the agreement, and that is unlikely to happen.

The Chinese are already trying to prevent the U from negotiating any trade agreements with countries that do not sign onto the trade agreement.

With China’s economic dominance and its growing economic power, the world may soon be left behind.

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