Green tea is known for its soothing, soothing aroma.

But how much does it actually taste like?

Well, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it’s actually pretty good.

The USDA recommends the aroma of green tea should be strong enough to mask the presence of other smells in the room.

That means, for instance, that green tea smells like a fresh-cut green salad dressing.

But a strong aroma like that can mask other smells that are also present in the environment, such as mold, dirt, and insects.

So if you’re not careful, you can make your green tea smell like a combination of a fresh salad dressing and rotting leaves.

Here are 10 things to know about green tea.


Green tea tastes a lot like sweet tea Green tea contains a chemical compound called polyphenols.

These compounds are used as antioxidants in some foods and beverages.

The compounds are thought to help protect against the toxic effects of free radicals, the oxidation of fatty acids in the body.

They’re also known to help reduce cholesterol levels.

But green tea is more than just an antioxidant.

It contains a substance called dihydroacetone phosphate, which is an essential ingredient of some herbal teas.


Green teas can smell like rotten eggs, vomit, and feces green tea can smell so bad that it might make people feel nauseous, according the FDA.

It can also cause people to feel dizzy, and have a feeling of being in a dreamlike state.


Green tis the most potent tea source in the world Green teas are the most powerful plant-based food and beverage source in Earth’s history.

But they are also incredibly toxic.

One of the most common ways green tea causes toxicity is through its ingestion of aldehydes (oxidation products).

Aldehydics are chemicals that can increase the level of oxygen in the air, which increases the amount of oxygen atoms in the blood.

Oxidation products are compounds that are chemically similar to those in green tea, but they can also be toxic if they break down into harmful gases.


Green coffee is actually a pesticide and can be harmful to your health Green coffee beans are harvested from plants that are grown to be toxic to humans.

These beans have been used to make coffee in China for decades.

But because they’re harvested from the same plants that cause aldehyde oxidation, they’ve been shown to contain chemicals called neonicotinoids.

The chemicals in green coffee beans can mimic the effects of nicotine, which can cause allergic reactions and even cancer.


Green beans contain the exact same chemical compounds as green tea green tea contains chemicals called flavonoids.

Some of the chemicals in a green tea are also found in green peppers, tomatoes, and green peppers.

Some people have found that their allergies to green tea were linked to the presence or levels of some of these chemicals in their food.

Green peppercorns, for example, are commonly found in foods like sushi and noodles, and the chemical compound found in them can mimic that of nicotine.


Green vegetables contain chemicals that may be toxic for humans green vegetables are a very popular and delicious food.

But eating them can be really bad for your health.

Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are rich in vitamin C, potassium, and calcium.

They are also high in fiber, vitamins A and E, and phytonutrients like vitamin E. But if you eat too many of these foods, they may not be the healthiest option.


Green bananas can cause anemia Green bananas are one of the easiest foods to overeat.

They have high levels of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. This can cause problems for those with anemia, including those who are diabetic or who are taking antiretroviral medications.

But it also means that consuming green bananas can actually increase your risk of anemia.


Green eggs are loaded with pesticides and herbicides The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 50 percent of the world’s food comes from crops grown in areas that contain pesticides.

According to the EPA, the use of herbicides on green leafy greens is more likely to increase than on other crops.


Green tomatoes can be toxic and can cause cancer Green tomatoes are actually a type of tomato.

They grow wild in some tropical countries and can also grow in the U,S., and Europe.

They contain chemicals known as phenols, which are thought by some to help fight free radicals.

Phenols can also interact with DNA and cause cancer.

If you’re sensitive to phenols in foods, you may be more likely than others to develop cancer, including breast, colon, or lung cancers.

But, overall, there’s no evidence that consuming a lot of green tomatoes can cause you to develop these kinds of cancers.

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