White tea smells sweet because it has been fermented with sugar, which creates a scent similar to the sweetness of sugar, according to Dr. Michael G. Bierman, a professor of human nutrition at Duke University and author of the book The White Tea Effect: A Scientific Review.

The scent also has a similar smell to coffee, and it has a sweet flavor to it, which makes it easier for someone to detect, Biermann says. 

“The sweet and floral scent of white tea is the perfect match for sweet-tart sweeteners like vanilla, honey, or a simple syrup,” Biermans website reads. 

This sweet, aromatic scent is not always a good match for the bitter-tasting tea, however, and some people prefer it that way.

The smell of black tea is similar to honey, and the smell of vanilla is similar, according the Biermins website. 

According to Biermeier, sweet-floral tea smells sweeter than bitter-flavored tea.

“It is not a bad thing to smell sweet and fresh, but if you are not smelling sweet, then your tea may not be as flavorful as it could be,” Biersman said. 

The smell of white chocolate also has an astringent quality, which can be pleasant if you’re looking for something a little savory, Biersmann says, and white chocolate has a unique smell. 

White chocolate, Biederman says, is a good fit for sweetened beverages like iced tea. 

In addition to astringents, there are many other reasons to smell white tea.

A white tea can be made from the leaves of the coffee plant, which has a distinctive aroma, according Bier, because of the way it is extracted.

A cup of white iced coffee contains a higher percentage of caffeine than a cup of plain iced white coffee, but because of that caffeine, a cup can be much sweeter. 

A cup of dark tea has a stronger aroma than a white tea cup, and dark tea can also be made with coffee beans. 

While the white tea aroma has been found to be sweet, the sweet flavor of the tea can still be tasted. 

If you’re trying to make tea for yourself, Biesman says, try to pick a flavor that you’re familiar with, like a minty aroma. 

For a sweet tea, the aroma can be sweetened with a sugar substitute like a lemon or lime, according, Bielmans website.

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